Service Update

Please be aware one of our hosting agents is experiencing a network issue at their installation. They are working to resolve this, but some web sites and email may not be accessible. They hope to resolve this in the next few hours

Photo Editing Service

We have over the years taken many photos for our client web sites etc, and of course personal photos.

Like you we often don’t always get quite the photo we were after and using tools like Adobe Photoshop edit the pictures to suit our needs.

Whether it is cropping an image, removing red-eye, straightening a Church tower in the background, getting rid of the spots in a photo caused by dust, dirt or a flying bird we can help.

We can offer 1-2-1 training on this and other simple editing to lift your photos up a notch or edit them for you if you wish.

We can change the colour of Aunty Mable’s hat in the photo, or even add someone into the picture who was not there.


Email and Telephone Services Outage

During Saturday we experienced a lighting strike near our office, This led to our telephone systems being down and our broadband running at 1% of normal.

This has meant that emails coming through were delayed and we may have missed the odd call via our IP phone system.

We now have our primary telephone system back and our broadband back at full kilt.

We apologise for any calls we missed

IP Webcams

We are now able to offer IP Webcam security systems, allowing monitoring of multiple sites via the internet from anywhere with web access in the world.

If not for security why not have a webcam for your home or business to show the world inside or outside your home/business.

Once configured no PC’s are required just a wired or wireless access to a internet access point.

Call for details.