The world’s first true paper tablet

reMarkables new tablet is promoted at the best paper tablet on the market, but having looked at it, I personally think it is very overpriced and busying a Apple iPad would probably be a better option.

However, it is a useful addition for the manager or secretary who might need to take notes during a meeting.

See for yourself at the following link.

The future of mass storage

This offering from Western Digital, shows a major game changer in the idea of external storage.

This is not a memory stick, it is a SSD external hard drive. Currently 1TB of SSD is around $370 and not available here yet, but soon. As we all know, the size will double over the next few years and I expect by 2020, 4TB will be available.

Much smaller the a WD Book or Cloud Drive this is a game change, more like the size of a memory key.

You cna buy it for around $100 for a 256GB version.

See  for more info


Backing Up

Just a reminder that you do need to backup your data.

These days you can purchase a 4GB external drive for around £130. You can even use Cloud storage.

If you lose your PC or get a virus that fry’s your PC you can replace it, but those photos, accounts, word documents are lost for good.

Need help give us a call.

Even the best of us

I got a call from a client who had purchased a cheap MP3 player to plug into a kiddies car. He could not get it to work.

I got there, plugged in a headphone so I could hear it and plugged it into a PC and that saw it.

After a few minutes of prodding, I got something out of it. Bemused I looked for a manual, none (cheap import). So scratched my head. Then I saw a slight glow coming from the device, at this point I realised that the fake screen on the cheap import was actually a peel off vinyl label that was designed to look like a screen.

Peeled it off and there was a 1-inch display, thankfully in English.

Job done, simple solution

Computer Problems – or Finger Trouble

Recently one of my clients asked me about a possible upgrade on his PC.

He had been quoted around £150 to put 12GB of memory into his computer.

I went and had a look and found which chips he needed and we managed to find a deal on Amazon for £75 for 4x4GB chips a total of 16GB.

He ordered them and I said give me a call when they come and I will put them in.

A week later I had not heard from him and then I got a call. He had tried to put them in by himself; now the computer did not work at all. He explained that he had tried 2 chips but only 4GB showed on his computer, then he put his old chips back and now nothing.

I dutifully turned up to have a look.

The first thing when dealing with the inside of a PC is to have a grounding strap to stop static electricity destroying the chips or your PC. He had missed this.

When I reached in to check the chips he had put back, the chips fell out, they had not been pushed in correctly; you have to be quite firm pressing them in and have them the right way round, or you could damage the chip, the socket or even the motherboard.

I removed all the chips and added the new chips correctly, with a satisfying click as they slotted in. He know has 20GB, 16GB of new chips plus 2 of the old 2GB chips in the remaining sockets.

The moral here is to give us a call and let the professionals fit them. We have the kit and the know-how.