Watch Out

Once again I hear from some of my customers that someone has called them from Windows Support and that my client’s computer has a problem.

Firstly all Windows PC’s have a problem, so do Apple, so does your mobile phone. Any computing device that has software on it, plus downloaded patches etc eventually has conflicts or mismatched software. It’s a way of life and most people do not even notice.

Secondly and most importantly Windows Support is not Microsoft and is a con!!!

They contact you to tell you that you have a problem, they then get you to download a piece of software to help them fix the problem, you give them a code number and then they have full access to your computer.

You the user have just given them full access to your computer and they have no intention of fixing any problems.

The best thing is to either just hang up or if you are bold enough get a contact name and telephone number, then pass this to the Sussex Police Cyber Crime unit.

If you think you have a problem anyway, why not give us a call and we will come and take a look for you at a reasonable rate.



Google Glass – The End?

imagesGoogle have announced that they are stopping production of there flag ship product.

They say this is not the end but they will need to rethink the product, and I believe the pricing. Currently priced at around £1000 when the parts only cost less than a £100 seems rather a big profit margin.


The quality of the result also needs to be improved. From my experience it just did not make the grade.

I do think though that the idea was a good one and I genuinely hope they go away and come up with version 2, better quality and a better pricing structure. I would pay between £150 and £200 but not the massive £1000 they were after.

Windows Technical Support Scam

Watch out for the Windows Technical Support Scam; This is doing the rounds again.

Basically someone rings you up and tells you that you have a problem on your computer (everyone does by the way). After a lot of talking and showing you that you have an error (they are not really; and certainly not important). They ask you to go to a web site and download some software, then they ask you for a key code.

DO NOT DO THIS!!!!, the software allows anyone with the correct key code access to your PC and they then have full remote access to your computer and all the files on it. They can install viruses and other malware and basically you are screwed.

Try and get as much information about them as possible (Name, contact info etc) and report it to the police. You can do this via the Sussex (or your local) Police web site. Don’t expect much back from them but it ups the statistics and they can use this to get support for the cyber crime division.

If you do fall for it, they pull your internet lead out of the PC or turn off your PC and give me a call, I should be able to fix it.

Google Glass

This last weekend I tried a set of Google Glass. First impressions is that they are comfortable and do not interfere with your vision.


While I can see that they will have a place, I was not that impressed with the amount of screen I seemed to have displayed. This could have been because of the setup of the device and may have needed customising more for my head!.

images (1) 

While a nice toy! I think until practical applications that use it more than showing the road ahead and overlaying it, it will be considered a ‘I want one of those’ devices and at £1000 for the initial version, this should drop when they go on general sale, I do not think I would pay more than £200 for a set. A possible practical application would be; your car service manual, and when you look at the car, you could overlay the schematics or instructions to do some minor service function. Any more bright idea’s?

Like all new idea’s I think I will be waiting for Google Glass 1.1 or 2.0.